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A literal way to count sheep before bed, not that you'll need to snuggled in with a fluffy wooly pillow.

Made right here on the farm by Bekah using vintage bed sheets and a lofty wool stuffing.

We honor the sheep by wasting not one bit of their wool. Noils are the fluffy bits that are a byproduct of combing the washed fiber to make yarn. Fine wool has a higher amount of noils because the micron diameter of the fiber is very small and the waste is sluffed off.

In addition, our zippered bed pillows are sewn using vintage repurposed bedsheets. Not only are they GORGEOUS enough to use without a case, they help the planet by using existing resources rather than new materials.

They are stuffed FULL of fluffy soft wooly tufts of cozy sleepy goodness, probably more than you will want. So you can take out the extra and store it to fluff up your pillow in the future as wool does compress a bit over time. A good shake or tumble in the dryer on low and you're back to puffy fluffy wooly slumber!

Standard & Queen are $125 each or a set of two for $240

  • filled with 26oz of wool noil stuffing

King are $150 each or a set of two for $280 (currently available by pre-rder with a 1 week lead time. PATTERNS VARY)

  • filled with 30oz of wool noil stuffing

Our handmade pillows fit in your commercially made pillowcases

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