Collection: Sock Yarn

We took our super soft and squishy Targhee fine wool yarn and blended it with bamboo for the most dreamy and REAL sock yarn on the planet! Our Targhee flock's micron average is well below the industry standard which means that ours is especially soft. We love our Targhees for their loving and human oriented personalities. They're the best mamas we've got and all around delightful sheep. The finest yarn available is just icing on a fleecy cake!

Our sock yarn stays true to our commitment to the planet.

All of our yarn, and nearly everything we make and sell is compostable. No synthetic materials to prevent the wool from breaking down after a lifetime of responsible use. Most sock yarns blend with nylon for durability. Not us. We are #UNAPOLOGETICYARNSNOBS and don't like the icky feel of nylon against our bodies. So we blend with bamboo for a sustainable strength giving yet still planet healthy alternative. 

100g 449 meters / 491 yards
  • 19.92 microns
  • 2 ply woolen spun
  • 7 sts per inch on US size 2 needles  28 sts = 4"
  • crochet hook size C
  • blended with farm grown bamboo from a USA provider
  • dyed by hand on the farm using sustainably sourced cutch bark dye extract

Includes the fiber of our Targhee sheep- Stephen Hawking, Billie Jean King, Sweet Tea, Ffiona, Bertha, Karen, Estelle, Regina, Bubba, Forrest, Andre, Iris, Stevie Yzerman & Dorothy Vaughn