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Mitchell Wool Co



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Sometimes you just need to add sprinkles on top of the icing on a beautifully baked cake. 
So we added pom poms- faux fur but very high quality. They're light and airy and quite floofy. Is floofy an actual word? Dunno, but it's the perfect one to describe these. They fasten with long and sturdy strings, poke them through with a tapestry needle and tie off for a secure finishing touch to your beautiful hand knits. 
5" in diameter-ish. They're MIGHTY FLOOFY

One Pom = 1.8 bales of hay for the flock

(Our critters consume 14 bales of locally grown hay per day from October - May when our pastures are resting. Your support puts hay in the barn and employs both the Mitchell team and the local hay grower.) 

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