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Hand Dyeing Book

Hand Dyeing Book

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Hand Dyeing, Yarn and Fleece by Gail Callahan

Discover the colorful joys of hand dyeing your own yarn and fleece. It’s easy, fun, and can be done right in your own kitchen! Self-taught dyer Gail Callahan shows you a variety of simple techniques to turn plain, outdated, or leftover yarn into vibrant “new” fibers using ovens, crockpots, frying pans, and other standard kitchen equipment. Detailed advice on color theory, self-striping, “grocery store” dyes, and handmade multicolor skeins make successful dyeing a cinch, even for complete beginners. 

Language: English
Spiral-bound: 168 pages
Item Weight: ‎2.31 pounds
Dimensions: ‎7.75 x 0.75 x 9.25 inches


1 Hand Dyeing, Yarn and Fleece Book = 4.75 bales of hay for the flock

(Our critters consume 14 bales of locally grown hay per day from October - May when our pastures are resting. Your support puts hay in the barn and employs both the Mitchell team and the local hay grower.) 

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