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LIFE LINES - CORDS for trying on & holding stitches

LIFE LINES - CORDS for trying on & holding stitches

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That moment when you need to separate for sleeves.

When you want to try on the sweater on your needles to see if adjustments need to be made.

Now you can, it's easy peasy! Our silicone cords pop onto your needle tips securely to pull through and hold them in place while you do what you need. No more fiddling with yarn that wants to stick to your stitches, and it works a lot better than leather cords too. Simply put it on the tip, pull through the work and tie off the ends. Because it's stretchy you can untie that single not easily as well when you're ready to slide it back onto your working needle cables.

Fits up to a size 8 needle tip. Includes 3 pcs. 1-30" & 2- 60" Life Lines

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