A custom made hickory 2" swatch gauge sits on a gorgeous 4" swatch of targhee worsted yarn

MWC Swatch Gauge

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Do you cheat when it comes to swatching? You do swatch right? Oi. you should, that's all we're gonna say. You do you. No seriously, swatch. It's not optional like flossing your teeth.

That doesn't mean I don't bend the rules a bit and swatch only a couple inches. I know, but it hasn't really failed me yet. If you like to cut corners then this is the swatch gauge for you. It's a wee 2" measuring both horizontal and vertical. It's small enough to clip onto that gorgeous Zero Waste Pouch  you've got in your cart. 

  • Made of USA sourced Hickory right here on the farm!
  • On a ball clasp key chain so it will fit through a zipper toggle
  • Our mantra of KNOW YOUR YARN is a reminder of what we're about