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Pattern Place Marker

Pattern Place Marker

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If you’re like me and a wee bit of time gaps between when you have time to sit down and knit, it’s tough to remember what you did last. 

Our pattern place marker solved my dilemma. Too often I’d pick up the pattern and have no clue what I needed to do next. This is a simple ruler that securely holds your place on both a half sheet and an 8.5x11” standard letter page. 
you feed your pattern through a bit like a belt buckle and it highlights where you are right now. When you’re ready, just slide it down to the next step.

  • Made of USA sourced Hardwoods right here on the farm!
  • Measured roughly 10” wide by 2” tall. Up to 8.5” sheet slides through the wood placeholder
  • Laser cut & engraved using Sherrys original sketches of OUR ACTUAL SHEEP

One Place Holder = 1.5 bales of hay for the flock

(Our critters consume 14 bales of locally grown hay per day from October - May when our pastures are resting. Your support puts hay in the barn and employs both the Mitchell team and the local hay grower.) 

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