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Tunis Pelts

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"When you have livestock you have deadstock." 

That's an old farmer's adage. Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt a heck of a lot though. This is the part of farming that we really hate. Sometimes they just don't make it despite our very best efforts. When that happens we honor our animals by utilizing every part that we can, so they can still bring purpose to their life. Beyond the enjoyment that having them frolic about brought our faRmily (us and you).

Penelope was a Targhee twin ewe lamb born here on the farm to Marilyn and a sister to Ffiona. She was named that because she was born on our grand daughter's birthday. Marilyn was dubbed our helicopter mama and every time there was the slightest bit of wind or rain she would ferry her girls back into the barn. Much to their dismay as the others were happily bouncing about in the pasture. As such, her pelt is quite soft and clean.

Our summer was a horrible one for parasites and that is how she met her end. Her pelt is a wee little one, perfectly sized to sit on the back of your chair or for a baby to enjoy inside their cradle or for tummy time. Measuring 22" from top to bottom and 19.5" at the widest point. It's super soft with our signature fine wool Targhee crimp in a beautiful french vanilla hue. There's an orange spot where she was marked as needing treatment by the vet. It's not likely to come out, just part of the charm. These are of course, one of a kind and irreplaceable. No two are alike, as neither are their personalities.

  • Measures 22" tall by 19.5" wide at the widest section
  • perfect for a chair back or for a baby
  • Tanned in an eco-friendly process by a Michigan Family owned Tannery


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