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Bacon- Single cuts Pasture Raised/Corn Free Pork

Bacon- Single cuts Pasture Raised/Corn Free Pork

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Corn Free/Pasture Raised on sunshine, love, and wooded green pastures. 

It was always our family's dream to raise what meat we could if we were going to remain omnivores. We started with chickens in 2017, lamb in 2021 and then graduated to pigs in 2023. It is the ultimate way to know that the proteins we consume are ethically raised. We love them every minute of their lives. We thank them for the sustenance they give our family and we take them to a USDA licensed abattoir that handles their end to our standard. This is what we believe and now we're walking the walk. 

  • This listing is for SINGLE PACKAGE OF BACON.
  • Corn Free and raised on wooded pastures.
  • This bacon is Nitrate Free Uncured Hickey Smoked
  • Ethically dispatched & processed by Caledonia Packing in Caledonia Michigan
  • Available for shop pickup or shipping in insulated coolers with dry ice 

We know everything our pasture raised pigs eat because we're the ones feeding it to them. No corn ever. Lovely wooded pastures for them to root up and eat off the land. 

These pigs are Gloster Old Spot heritage breed.  They are a slow growing breed that helps promote beautiful marbling in the meat.  This is not your store-bought pork.  The meat is red like steak and each bit is melt in the mouth.      

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